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Gestalt Therapy. Learning to live more fully in the present.


What is Gestalt Therapy?

Gestalt therapy (pronounced g -shtält, -stält) is a relational, experiential, embodied and present-centred approach with a focus on the therapeutic relationship as a collaborative process. It aims to help find wholeness and integration through becoming more aware, alive, and free from the blocks and unfinished issues which diminish optimal growth and satisfaction. 

Gestalt therapy focuses on "here-and-now" experience as well as personal responsibility. It is an experiential approach to psychotherapy in that it involves explorations and exercises to facilitate change––finding ways to make it more concrete, personal and one’s own. It facilitates the experiencing of the whole self––helping you to get a better sense of the connections between your body experience, your feelings, your beliefs, and your ways of relating.

At its essence, it is about learning to live more fully in the present.


Learning is the discovery that something is possible.
— Fritz Perls

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