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Art of everyday Living

“Where is the Life we have lost in living? Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge? Where is the knowledge we have lost in information?” —T.S.Eliot

Have you gradually and imperceptibly allowed social media/technology to dominate your life? This workshop series is for you if you feel you struggle with internet oversaturation, have lost touch with your sense of joy and wish to be more authentically connected to yourself and others in a world that is increasingly speeding up and putting more demands on our attention. This restorative series will give you an opportunity to feel more fully alive and present, and to look at the conscious/unconscious habits that are holding you back in your personal life, career and relationships. Come recharge yourself, and learn to manage your time in more satisfying ways so you can create a life that you love and that nurtures you.


Choosing for a Change

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?" —Mary Oliver 

Do you wish you could make better choices for yourself? Increase your awareness of how you choose, and the many layers of thoughts and beliefs that drive your choices. Learn how to differentiate between your own truth and what you have adopted from others so you can experience more ease, joy and satisfaction in your life. 

All I Want For The Holidays... 

“Out of clutter find simplicity; from discord find harmony; in the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” Einstein

Do you fall for the same habits or scenarios year after year? Do you do the same things expecting different results? This series will help you to learn how to better strategize the holiday season via a process that is effortless, authentic and playful so you can get what you really wish for. 

Life/Play: A Creative Approach To Therapy

“Play is the exultation of the possible.”  Martin Buber

This workshop series will give you an opportunity to make play work for you in bringing the needed change in your life, and for meeting others who wish to experience a deeper and more personal connection to their creative selves.  

BodyMind Mapping: Exploring Joy in Everyday Life

“It's what we do every day in the simplest way that counts.” Frederick Sommer

This mindfulness, movement and body awareness series will help you to manage your energy and focus your attention with a purpose, whatever that may be, and to become more conscious and aware of your choices. Exploring how your perceptions shift from moment to moment will allow you to experience more clarity, freedom and enjoyment in life.

The Movingbody: Self-Discovery Through Movement and Body Awareness

This movement-based Gestalt workshop will give you an opportunity to gain more awareness of how you carry your beliefs in your body and how these beliefs interfere with your expression in the moment. Enjoy greater freedom and spontaneity by following the flow of your experience as it unfolds, by being present and awake in each moment. Explore how movement mirrors emotion and language. No previous experience is necessary. Begin from where you are. Some of the themes addressed include the essence of mundane, unintentional and incongruent movement as the source of your creativity; the impulse behind movement as a way to a deeper understanding of body symptoms; felt body experience as a door to more authentic contact with yourself and others. 

Ongoing Somatic Gestalt Psychotherapy Group

This group will give you an opportunity to get familiar with the Somatic Gestalt approach and to address any immediate issues or concerns you may have. It is a group for men and women who are interested in engaging in a creative and experiential approach to personal work, and making profound and lasting change by including body awareness in the psychotherapeutic process.

From Mindfulness to Awareness: Gestalt Meditation

This experiential Gestalt workshop will examine how mindfulness and awareness intersect, and allow space for new insights and perspectives. Through guided meditation, sensory awareness and movement explorations, you will have an opportunity to cultivate an appreciation for the fullness of each moment, develop a better sense of the connections between your body experience, your feelings, your beliefs and your ways of relating, and open new doors to more authentic contact with yourself and others.

Somatic Gestalt 101: Working Through The Body

By bringing awareness to the subtleties of body experience through breath, sensory awareness, guided meditation and movement, the Somatic Gestalt Therapy process will assist you in becoming more creatively alive and free from the blocks and beliefs that hinder your growth and fulfillment. This introductory workshop will help you to better sense the connections between your body experience, your feelings, your thinking and your ways of relating, hence discovering a door to more authentic contact with yourself and others.

Shy Side: The Power And The Pain

This experiential series will give you an opportunity to: share personal stories about your life behind the scenes and under the radar; myths about shyness; essential strategies and skills. Topics will include the power of silence; being caught off guard; avoiding risk and stress; challenging social situations; discovering secret strengths.

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