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You can expect a process of exploration, discovery and learning. With increased awareness will come choice, and the opportunity for change.



Moving To Change Psychotherapy integrates my 25 years of mindfulness practices, movement and body awareness work with Gestalt Therapy (Cert. G.I.T.) as well as Emotional Freedom Techniques™ / EFT Meridian Tapping (EFT Cert. II). My mind/body approach facilitates the experiencing of your whole self––helping you get a better sense of the connections between your body experience, your feelings, your beliefs, and your ways of relating. 



Therapy sessions are confidential and based on our mutual respect; how they unfold will vary depending on your needs. As you describe what you feel are your most immediate thoughts and concerns, you will be guided in a process of being mindful of your body and your experience in that moment. While I draw on a variety of tools and approaches tailored to your specific needs, it is your engagement in our work together that will determine the course of action. I will offer you support as well as help you to challenge yourself. 


Since change can only happen in the present, learning to experience yourself in the “here-and-now” is one of the most important choices you can make in moving forward in your life. It will help you to appreciate that by taking responsibility for how you feel and what you do (increasing your response-ability), you can be in charge of your growth, development, and well-being.

If you try to avoid or remove the awkward quality, it will pursue you. The only effective way to still its unease is to transfigure it, to let it become something creative and positive that contributes to who you are.
— John O'Donohue

J’offre les services de psychothérapie et de EFT Tapping aussi en français.


For more info, contact Danièle


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