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HSP Group

«Highly sensitive people disproportionately benefit from supporting experiences, yet prove especially vulnerable to adverse ones, including troubled childhoods.» ––Jay Belsky, Director, Institute for the Study of Children, Families and Social Issues, University of London

Some babies enter the world with more sensitivity and capacity to perceive subtle differences; they are much more responsive to light, smells, touch, movement, temperature, and sound.

Highly sensitive children can come from mothers and fathers with the same traits. Beyond genetics, parenting also plays a role: childhood neglect or abuse can exacerbate sensitivity levels in adulthood. Some HSPs have experienced early trauma such as emotional, physical or sexual abuse, or were raised by alcoholic, depressed, co-dependent or self-centered, narcissistic parents. This potentially wears down the usual healthy defences that a child with nurturing parents develops.

HSCs typically don’t feel “seen” by their families, and they also feel invisible in the greater world––one that doesn’t value sensitivity. HSCs who have not been properly supported or validated have not learned to develop healthy self-esteem or to defend themselves against other people's stress and emotions; they are also easily shamed. 

The innate HSP personality trait exists on a spectrum. Most HSPs prefer one-on-one interactions and small groups over larger gatherings. They feel first...then think. With this in mind, I invite you to join me for the following opportunity to address the ruptures and to gently tend to the repair process.

I will offer a safe, validating, supportive and creative environment in which to share, connect, learn and grow––expand one's awareness and one's comfort zone. No two HSP Relational Gestalt process groups are the same because of the nature of staying with one's experience from moment to moment. 

Fee $56.50 (hst incl.)

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