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HSP Group

The innate HSP personality trait exists on a spectrum. With the holiday season in mind, this month we will explore how you can best support yourself in light of your preferred style of relating.

Physical, emotional, and intuitive HSPs have different styles of socializing and interacting. Most are introverted, some are extroverted while others are a combination of both.

Introverted HSPs tend to be quieter, have a minimal tolerance for socializing and small talk; they might take more "bathroom breaks" or leave a party/gathering early, making sure they have their own mode of transportation lined up so they don’t have to feel trapped or dependent on others.

By contrast, extroverted HSPs tend to be more interactive and verbally engaged when socializing; they can enjoy banter and/or deeper one-on-one conversations. Or, they simply might be able to express themselves more freely on the dance floor. Staying longer in social situations (in the ways that work for them) can be energizing rather than exhausting or overstimulating.

Within the context of this holiday theme, I will offer a safe, supportive and creative environment in which to share, connect, learn and grow. No two HSP Relational Gestalt process groups are the same due to the nature of staying with one's experience from moment to moment.

Fee $56.50 (hst incl.)

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