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In-Person HSP Group

This month, we will explore how the science of adult attachment predicts, with a great deal of accuracy, the manners in which people perceive and respond to intimacy, and whether they are well matched on the basis of their attachment style: anxious, avoidant or secure.

People with a secure attachment style are warm and loving, and relationships come naturally to them. They are great at communicating their needs and feelings without becoming overly worried or upset over relationship matters.

People with an anxious attachment style love to be very close to their romantic partner and have a capacity for great intimacy. They however, often fear that their partner does not want to be as close as they would like. They are sensitive to small and subtle fluctuations in mood, facial expression, body posture, vocal tone, frequency of communication etc. Relationships consume a large part of their emotional energy.

It is very important for people with an avoidant attachment style to maintain their independence and self-sufficiency. They are uncomfortable with too much closeness and have a tendency to keep their partner at arm’s length even though they very much want to be in a relationship. They are often on high alert for any signs of control or impingement on their territory, by their partner.

Can people’s attachment styles change? The short answer is “yes.” People’s attachment styles can change over time. I invite you to come and explore this rich territory via a group will offer you a safe, supportive and creative virtual environment in which to share, connect, learn and grow with other HSPs. No two HSP Relational Gestalt process groups are the same due to the nature of staying with one's experience from moment to moment and of becoming aware of the common developing "thread."

Fee $56.50 (hst incl.)

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